Finding Our Way With Hope

It’s been a long few weeks. I applied for mediation. My thought process was to go in order and not just jump to a due process hearing. Is there any way a third party mediator from the state could look at the documentation and not walk away disturbed by it?

We’re still waiting for the internal abuse investigation to close so we can have the results. I’ve spoken many times to the investigator and kept up with every part of his process.

This week I received an email.

My first thought was, “did I read that right”? I never went to an IEP meeting. I went to a meeting to get him out of district. What is this? I then opened the IEP. It was his original IEP from March with some changes. They made it sound as if he was still in school. There were changes in some areas. Some big and some small. Then I saw the attendance sheet….

When I signed this sheet it didn’t state “Assess progress and review or revise IEP”. It didn’t say anything. You will notice that the only person who signed the attendance sheet in blue is also the person who wrote the title on the paper. Shock and awe….shock and awe! I have no words for the illegal maneuvers being made. Maybe I shouldn’t be? Maybe this should be the new norm?

We are hopeful that our new Director of Special Services will be more helpful than the director who allowed this to go on. We are also hopeful that our interim superintendent will see that rights were violated since she’s coming from an out of district school for special needs children. We need professionals with experience in disabilities and disability rights.

In the meantime we are finding our footing. We are working on body autonomy, preschool skills and therapies. We are breathing.


2 thoughts on “Finding Our Way With Hope

  1. I didn’t know that when I signed the altered attendance sheet but now I know. I never dreamed this would happen to my children. Thank you!

  2. This whole situation is horrible. Just wanted to say (and I’m guessing you’ve already started doing this), but started taking pictures of every document you sign after you sign it.

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